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Ty Rawls completes paintings by commission that range in size from grand public artworks to small pieces for private collectors.

The paintings are executed on wood or canvas. 


These are the steps for startinga commission by Ty: 

1 - Ty collaborates with you to create an original painting.

2 - The commission process begins with an in-depth conversation with Ty. 

3 - With an understanding of the project & budget, Ty prepares a pencil sketch of the composition he will paint.

4 - If the pencil sketch is accepted, Ty proceeds with the painting.

For thousands of years people have used paintings to decorate their living space, express themselves, and tell their story. 

“A painting serves as a gateway into an intimate, personal point of view, and allows an audience to see into the subjective mind. Commissions allow me to work closely with creative 

people and help them express 

themselves through my paintings. 

I enjoy using the techniques I developed over a lifetime to achieve this complex goal for people." 


For commissions contact

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