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Archival Pigment Prints


Ty Senate 3_edited.jpg


Much like street artists, Ty Rawls's contemporary artwork is inspired by social justice, important ideological figures, and iconic cultural moments within black history. Rawls evolves the cultural narrative by re-presenting these stories with truth, respect, and beauty.

Ty has a great affinity for collectors. In terms of his process, Ty spends months working on compositions that become large-scale works. Each work is painted on a surface with a thick layer of gesso. Gesso creates a beautiful layer of what I call “frosting” to paint on, as well as adding longevity to the painting. Collecting Ty's paintings is not only supporting the meaningful work but acquiring work that is purpose-built to last centuries, with the intention to carry on an important cultural narrative.  

Ty Rawls

Each canvas is prepared with a surface of thick gesso that creates a beautiful layer of frosting to paint on. I developed this process after years of Paul Goodnight's influence. This preparation is partly for longevity, paintings are an investment so I make them to last many generations.

"Acquiring work that is made to last centuries, with the intention of carrying on an important cultural narrative." 

Experience the vibrant and dynamic world of RAWLS. Our collection of contemporary art is unlike anything you've seen before - colorful, unique, and inspiring. We're dedicated to showcasing the very best in emerging artists, so come and discover something new today.

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